What is the 3G Sunset?

Simply put, the 3G Sunset refers to the point in time where manufacturers and cellular carriers will stop making and supporting devices that use 3G networks. This means that if you're using an alarm panel that relies on a legacy network, you must make the switch to 4G LTE!

Why Is 3G Being Phased Out?

The simple answer is that it's time for something new. 3G networks are being phased out to make room for 4G LTE, which offer significantly improved bandwidth and speed and will help your home security devices keep up with the growing demand.

When Do You Need To Switch?

If you have a alarm communicator that communicates over a legacy network, NOW is the time to switch to 4G LTE before your carrier drops the 3G network! Otherwise, you will experience reduced or lost data and functionality once 3G is phased out.

Don't miss the deadline! Call 305.251.1900 or email us today to see if your alarm, interactive, or smart home panel is relying upon a legacy 3G network. We will answer all your questions and walk you through the process of upgrading your equipment if required.

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