EFT Enrollment Form


In response to your requests, we are happy to introduce a new payment option that will automatically pay your Aressco bill from your checking account each quarter, with no service charge. We call this payment option Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).


With EFT you can:


         Save time and money - it's automatic and free

         Avoid any lost or delayed checks in the mail

         Have a safe and secure payment each month

         Relax when traveling for business or pleasure

         Avoid late fees and possible interruption of service


Signing up is easy:

1)   Complete the enrollment form below, then sign your name.

2)   Get a check from the account you want to use and write "void" on the check.

3)   Please staple or paper clip the voided check to this enrollment form.

4)   Return the enrollment form along with a voided check to the address below


 Please allow at least 10 business days for us to process your enrollment form. Once you're enrolled, you will no longer receive a statement from Aressco for your recurring service charges, instead they will appear on your bank statement as a payment draft.


Thank you for your enrollment. 


Sign me up for the Aressco EFT program !


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Your Aressco Acct #


Your Bank Account Number


Amount to withdraw
Starting Date





Subscriber Approval




I authorize Aressco, and my financial institution, to automatically deduct from the checking account as shown on my enclosed check all future payments for my regular ongoing services charges. I understand that both Aressco and my financial institution reserve the right to terminate this authorization and my participation therein. If l choose to terminate this authorization, I will immediately notify Aressco Services, Inc..

  Please print, sign, and attach a voided check to this form and mail to:
 Aressco Services, Inc.  16115 SW 117 Ave Unit 26A  Miami Fl. 33177