Existing Systems

Even if you already own a security system, it is possible to switch your monitoring and service to Aressco, once your current monitoring contract expires.

Simply contact us prior to the expiration of your current agreement, and we will coordinate the changeover of service. If you do not currently have a monitoring contract with another security company, or if you are not presently being monitored, we can switch your service right away.


Upgrading Existing Systems

Technology has never changed faster than it does today. Your older system may need some upgrading to meet today's security concerns. We are happy to upgrade your existing system.

Add smoke detectors, pet-immune motion detectors, additional keypads or upgrade your system from using conventional phone lines to the latest cellular technology at minimal cost.


You may be like many of our customers, who were once orphaned customers, with security systems, but no one to care for them. The company that installed their systems had been sold, or simply went out of business. Every day we adopt these customers and bring their systems back to life. One of our certified technicians will come out to test, and reprogram, your existing security system to our local Central Station, free of charge. If your current system is in need of repair, the technician can provide you with an onsite estimate.

For your convenience, we will send you a reminder notice prior to your renewal date. Many monitoring contacts renew for additional terms without notification.

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