Digital Video Surveillance

Custom Design

As with all our systems, Aressco's surveillance systems are specifically designed and installed to each client's specific applications. Applications are wide-ranging, and include banking and financial services, healthcare, education, gaming and leisure, government agencies and law enforcement. Click on the related industry's link below for more information about the product best suited your needs.


Benefits of Digital CCTV Technology

What do the digital recorders on today’s market offer that is not available on standard videotape recorders?

Digital storage and reproduction:
This technology promotes accurate playback of color and detail. It also provides easy cataloging of information, reproduction in a wide variety of formats and distribution throughout networks.

Advanced search capabilities:
Digital search capabilities make it easier, from both a time and organizational perspective, to find archived information. Simply type in a specific time and date and view the activity.

Smaller storage mediums:
DAT tapes are about one-fifth the size of a standard VHS tape. Hard drives are much smaller and more easily stored than videotapes.

Built-in features and equipment:
Many digital recorders include built-in multiplexers as part of their overall design. Some offer duplex capabilities to allow for recording and playback functions to work simultaneously.

Many units are designed to expand as the user’s needs warrant. Other units will integrate with digital storage systems.

Remove surveillance:
Most systems offer remote viewing capabilities using a simple high speed internet connection.

Courtroom acceptability of video evidence:
Today, the court system generally embraces this new medium. It is important, however, to verify the digital images are properly watermarked with coding information hidden within the image to verify authenticity.

Retail Solutions

To operate a successful retail business, you have to create a secure environment—for your customers, your employees and the store itself. Retail security includes many aspects: keeping intruders out and keeping track of who comes in; protecting merchandise from shoplifting and employee theft; responding to smoke, fire or other emergencies; and communicating between different locations.

Point Of Service Monitoring

Due to the nature of retail business many occurrences of theft are internal. Every day retailers' profit margins suffer from various forms of stock and cash shrinkage. By capturing details of cash register transactions and associating them with the relevant CCTV footage, the RS range lets you track activity at every one of your cash registers virtually eliminating sweet-hearting, no-sales, under-rings, and other forms of register theft that are notoriously difficult to catch.

The facility to keyword match allows Retail Solutions systems to be programmed to respond to a number of user-defined keywords, such as VOID or REFUND, generating an event every time they appear. The unit may also be configured to increase record rates, raise an alarm and create an event log each time a keyword response is triggered.

Hidden Cameras

Of course you may not always want to let members of staff know that you're keeping an eye on them. The Retail Solutions range offers the option to train hidden cameras on "black spots" keeping an eye out for any suspect activity and putting a stop to theft.

Remote Viewing

Perhaps you want to view your premises out of opening hours, or as an area manager with responsibility for a number of outlets you'd simply like to keep an eye on day-to-day operations. Our Retail Solutions products not only afford you comprehensive security, but also provide you with a management tool that allows you to pinpoint areas where improvements can be made in service and quality helping you to increase productivity and lower costs. How's the footfall? Are the checkout queues too long? You can even remotely take control of a dome camera to focus in on areas of interest. Up to five e-mail addresses can be alerted on alarm. An alarm image, together with the associated transaction data is sent with a connection to the network viewer application for automatic playback of the event.

Liability Claims

Beyond security benefits CCTV can also help to decrease liability issues and customer complaints. For example, you may use the system as a training tool to better equip your staff to handle a variety of customer complaint situations.

Slip and fall claims can also be verified in seconds via powerful GOTO date and time facilities, helping to quickly end potentially costly customer liability claims. Records abusive customers

Banking / Credit Unions

Electronic security starts long before the first smoke detector, card reader or camera is installed. It starts with a relationship. And a good relationship starts with the right partner. You need a partner who can discuss with you the risks your institution faces. A partner who will analyze the physical layout of your facilities and help you design an electronic security system that protects your people, your property, your customers—and your bottom line Managing a financial institution’s security is a tremendous responsibility. The system providing that security has a lot of territory to cover, from remote ATM locations, parking lots and sidewalks surrounding your buildings to your branch lobbies, work areas, offices and vaults.

With our wide range of electronic security products, Aressco can help you build a system that covers your business from end to end. We can also help you expand your existing system as you grow. Or upgrade it with new products incorporating technologies that reduce the time it takes to perform common tasks and also enable you to manage your system from a central location.

Monitor ATMs Video Remotely …

In addition to recording video, digital recorders capture all data that appears on a customer’s ATM receipt. You can instantly access and view live or stored video from any networked ATM using any PC in your institution’s network.

Because you can search quickly for video by transaction number or other text, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to resolve fraud investigations or transaction disputes.